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2010 Wrapup

I am a few days late to post this, but oh well =)

2010 was an amazing year for me, I joined Readify in February and have been doing as learning and community work as I can. Last year I managed to present 6 times, and I hope to present more this year.


  • April, PerthDotNet VSTO in Visual Studio 2010
  • May, Alt.NET Melbourne TDD, Unit Testing and Mocking
  • June, MOSSIG (Melbourne) Developing Add-ins with VSTO
  • August, TechEd (Gold Coast) Developing with the VSTO Platform
  • November, CodeCampOz (Wagga Wagga) Extending Office with VSTO
  • November, SDDN (Perth) MahTweets for Windows Phone 7

I also attended the Microsoft Evangelism Academy just before Christmas, which was a 3 day intense training course organised by Sarah Vaughn and Andrew Coates from Microsoft DPE with the goal of improving the presentation skills of 8 the lucky people that were selected. Read more about it here.

Open Source Work

  • VSTO Contrib - Collection of libraries which make COM Interop much easier, and add IoC support to VSTO Add-ins (which making it easier to test).
  • Fibre Async Framework - Another Async framework, which runs on Silverlight and WP7 as well as .NET 3.5/4.0. It simply allows you to coordinate async work, or perform work asynchronously. Goals are similar to the Task parallel library in .NET 4.0, but has a simpler API, and works on more frameworks. I would like to think it has a lower barrier to entry than other frameworks due to it’s simplicity.
  • AutoMapper - Added Inheritance to AutoMapper, made AutoMapper feel MUCH more predictable. My fork is available at https://github.com/JakeGinnivan/AutoMapper/ Hopefully the changes will be pulled into the Jimmy’s repository soon =)
  • MahTweets for Windows Phone - Have done a lot on this project, lots of refactoring and cleanups mainly.
  • FunnelWeb Blog -The blog engine that is behind my blog, started by Paul Stovell it is now an awesome open source blog engine based on MVC3.

This year

This year I want to keep up my Open Source work, as well as do more presenting. One of the biggest fails this year is that I have been so busy and have stopped playing Inline Hockey, doing Rock n' Roll and also Ballroom dancing. I will start at least the dancing back up this year.

Look forward to catching up with all the people I have met this year!