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Quake Style Powershell Console V2

Edit: Updated to fix a problem when there are spaces in the path where Console2.exe is.

I decided I would get this idea working again, when I did, it fell short a few times. I needed a few extra features:

  • Elevated Powershell Console
  • x64 Console
  • I wanted it to work without adding anything to the %path% environmental variable

The goal

win + `


Quake Mode Powershell

What you need


  1. Download and install AutoHotKey (while you are at it, grab the autocorrect script here
  2. Download and extract Console2 x64 to a folder.
  3. Extract my script file into the same folder
  4. Make sure all files are unblocked (right click, properties, unblock if they are).
  5. Create a shortcut to QuakeMode.ahk in the Startup folder in the start menu

How to use

Press the windows key + ` (tilde, above tab) to activate the console. You will see a few command windows run, and you will be prompted to put in your password (or press yes) to elevate the process. If you have UAC disabled, turn it back on :P