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Joining the Blogosphere

Talking to Jeremy Thake last night at the Perth SDDN meeting for the month he suggested I really should get a blog and start sharing some of my experiences while developing. It has been on my To do list for a long time now so I decided to get it done!

I have been working at a company called ioGlobal for about 18 months now and have been doing a lot of internal development. The great thing about my role at the moment is I am doing a lot of the IT pro side of things, but spend most of my time developing all the software we need internally. Being the only staff member with .net experience I have been able to choose my own technologies and run my own projects.

I will be talking about nifty programs I have found and ways I have solved problems that I have come across while writing a lot of these small apps. There are a few apps in particular that I think are quite interesting and I had a lot of trouble finding any information on the net about them.