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NuGet Packages Targeting WP7

Update Compatibility table at http://docs.nuget.org/docs/creating-packages/creating-and-publishing-a-package#Common_Framework_and_Profile_Targeting_Examples

I released windows phone essentials last week, and I have the mango tools installed, so all seemed fine. Then when a friend of mine tried to install the package they got the following error:

Unable to find assembly references that are compatible with the target framework 'Silverlight,Version=v4.0,Profile=WindowsPhone'

Hrrm that blows. As you may be aware, Windows Phone 7 runs a version of silverlight known as Silverlight 3.7. NuGet recommends that you use the lib\SL3-WP for windows phone projects, but if you install the mango tools, this will change to SL4-WP. On top of that if you create a project targeting mango specifically you need to put your library into SL4-WindowsPhone71. It seems that NuGet 1.4 will replace WP with WindowsPhone, but I am not sure about previous versions.

My workaround at the moment is to just specify all of them until there is some official documentation: