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WP7 Essentials Settings Provider

Update: This project has been superseeded by SettingsProvider.net

Settings Provider?

The settings provider is a port from the FunnelWeb settings provider to Windows Phone. It is a really simple interface

public interface ISettingsProvider
    T GetSettings<T>() where T : ISettings, new();
    void SaveSettings<T>(T settings) where T : ISettings;

So what does T actually look like:

public class ApplicationSettings : NotifyPropertyChanged, ISettings
    [DisplayName("Number Results")]
    public int NumberResults { get; set; }

    public string Nickname { get; set; }

    [DisplayName("Enable Stuff")]
    public bool EnableStuff { get; set; }

    public DateTime? Birthday { get; set; }

    [DisplayName("Some Options")]
    public Options SomeOptions { get; set; }

public enum Options

Pretty easy right? We can use NotifyPropertyWeaver to keep the class nice and clean. Then to fetch or persist our settings we just need to do

var applicationSettings = settingsProvider.GetSettings<ApplicationSettings>();
applicationSettings.SomeOptions = Options.Value2;

The Settings Provider is limited to types supported by the Convert.ChangeType method (for a number of reasons, if this is too restrictive, let me know and why).

So in the last release we added the SettingsList control, which will generate this for you (just the settings control, not the page, highlighted in red is what you get generated)

Settings Provider control

This is a first cut, and over time I will polish this page, and add support for ordering the properties and stuff (or feel free to submit pull requests :)). But I recon this is pretty cool for a first cut.

Also the reason I am using a combobox instead of the ListPicker is there is a bug where the control simply doesn’t work inside a scroll viewer. Bah. Anyone interested in doing a community fork which simply fixes bugs in the toolkit and doesn’t add any new features?

Get it

This control is in a separate package (to keep the essentials package lean and mean :P).

Install-Package WindowsPhoneEssentials.Controls.Settings