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Using Approval Text in Tests

Using Approval Text in tests

I am currently using TestStack.BDDfy as my BDD testing framework. v4 has some great changes which make BDDfy really really awesome.

One of the things I am testing is generated confirmation text based on a number of selected form inputs. I want the approved generated text to be put into the BDDfy output. First steps are to read the approved file, here is a quick snipped which does this:

protected string GetApproved()
    var namer = new UnitTestFrameworkNamer();
    var basename = string.Format("{0}\\{1}", namer.SourcePath, namer.Name);
    var approvalFilename = new ApprovalTextWriter(string.Empty).GetApprovalFilename(basename);
    var approved = !File.Exists(approvalFilename) ? string.Empty : File.ReadAllText(approvalFilename);
    return approved;

Then I can just add my step in BDDfy .Then(_ => ApprovedGeneratedConfirmationShouldMatch(sut.DealSummary.ToString()), string.Format("Approved generated confirmation should be:\r\n{0}", GetApproved()))