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Disable Narrator in Windows 8

I get rather annoyed with the narrator. Using this as inspiration here is how you do it.

Update: Another solution is available at http://www.hmemcpy.com/blog/2012/12/how-to-disable-windows-narrator-appearing-on-win-enter-in-windows-8/ which uses Image File Execution Options instead.

Note: You can just delete it, but windows will restore it every time an update is installed

  • Open C:\Windows\System32
  • Open Properties of Narrator.exe, goto Security Tab, Click advanced
    Narrator 1
  • Change the owner to yourself
    Narrator 2
  • Click ok, and accept the warning
  • Now back on the properties, click edit
    Narrator 3
  • Add yourself, then explicitly deny Read & execute and Read. Click yes on warning about modifying security on system files
    Narrator 4
  • Change owner to SYSTEM
    Narrator 5

Win+Enter now won’t do anything :D