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Announcing TestStack.White

Project White

For those that don’t know, project white has been around for ages. It has gone from Google Code (https://code.google.com/p/white-project/) to Codeplex (http://white.codeplex.com/) then GitHub (https://github.com/petmongrels/white).

The goal of White was to create a nice abstraction over Microsoft’s UI Automation framework in a consistent and object orientated way.

White reached a nice maturity level and active development stopped about 2 years ago, since then things have moved on.

Vivek Singh has given me permission to take this project over and try and increase the activity on this project again.

Why I’m taking on White

Personally, I have been on a rather large WPF project on and off for the past 2.5 years and rely on UI Automation very heavily. When we started the project, White was the most mature UI Automation framework.

This is a snapshot of some of our builds, every CI build that succeeds with kick-off many UI automation test runs for different configurations.

Over the last few years, we have wrapped White and have been running a custom builds and have learnt a lot about UI automation.

I would like to put some of the learnings and improvements back into White to make it easier for everyone to use UI automation without paying for one of the commercial offerings.

One of my colleagues at Readify, Mehdi Khalili did a presentation at Perth .NET usergroup on UI Automation, he was suggesting many things that we were already doing on this project except he was focusing on Web Automation. Mehdi created BBDify a while ago, which got renamed to BDDfy when Mehdi, Michael Whelan and Krzysztof Ko┼║mic formed TestStack.

After talking with Mehdi in the pub, he convinced me that I should restart White, and also join TestStack so we can keep some great testing related projects together!


I have been doing some updates and cleanups on White over the past month or two in a private repo, but I have now opened it up at https://github.com/TestStack/White.

I am looking forward to working on White some more, and I welcome pull requests :P