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ReSharper Xaml Attribute Ordering Plug-in

A while back I got introduced to https://xamlstyler.codeplex.com/ which is a pretty good visual studio plug-in for formatting xaml, but I like ReSharper’s formatting options better :)

So over the weekend I was at JetBrains Day in Malmo, and Matt Ellis did a talk on ReSharper extensions. I figured it would be a good time to try and write a plug-in.

Here are some screenshots

Moar Xaml Code Cleanups


Now, I don’t expect this to be super stable and I know of a few issues (like when you first format the Window tag is not quite formatted right), but I hope to setup a CI build and get some fixes out over the next week or so.

Check out the code, report issues and submit pull requests at https://github.com/JakeGinnivan/XamlAttributeOrderingCodeCleanup and install from ReSharper Extensions Site